Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This website is built with the intention to serve the best. We ensure that every data of our website visitors is safe and secure from our side. All the data and information that is given to our website by the user’s own choice is never stored at all. We are not committed to other third parties providing our website visitor’s data. And never try to store it anywhere.

Using or Surfing our services from the world any random spot is secure and free. On this website, you may see some website ads which is displayed according to your interest and recent searches. We have the authority to make changes to our privacy terms whenever we want. If you are not happy with any service or need any help then tell us using the website contact us form.


Here given privacy terms are applicable to this website resources only. These terms and policies are not applicable to third party resources, code, or video chat software that is installed on this website.

As already discussed above third party software is installed on this website. So by reaching their, users have to submit some of their information to access the full features. Such as name, email id, country, gender, etc. All the user’s given information is directly passed to third party software and never stored on our website server. The company never store the user’s payment information such as credit card detail, etc. But the user’s general information such as Ip Address, location of user region, interest, etc may be collected by other advertising networks and third party software that are installed on this website.

How Company Use The User Submitted Information

The Company uses the user given data to identify the following things.

  • To check the user identity.
  • Provide the service according to their subscription.
  • To reach the user or to provide new updates regarding their profile.
  • To send the notification about new arrival updates.
  • Provide the best service according to the user’s interest.

Access To The User’s Data To Third Party

According to the law, companies never send users’ data to any unknown third parties. But the software or services that are implemented here by a third party may collect this website user’s data.

Right To Update Or Change User Data

Once the user leaves access to the chat software third party can delete or update their data.

Third parties can make these changes at any time whenever required.

Protection Of User’s Data

The information that users entered on this website or third party software is used/changed/deleted for user security only. Sometimes systems may delete users’ data if they are violating the terms. And as written before, we again tell you that we are never storing users’ personal information anywhere. Or never sell it to other third party resources.

If the user sends their personal information to us over the internet then we assume that they have asked their parents about it. Because any kind of modification is not possible once they attempt the process.

If you have any other doubts regarding these privacy terms then send your feedback or contact us.